Addition Completion!!!

November 1st, 2008 No comments

After 3 1/2 months, which is lightening speed in the building world, our fabulous new addition and kitchen were completed on Oct. 31, 2008. We are thrilled with the results. We have so much space both on the main floor and in our newly expanded basement. The boys are thrilled to have all the space to build their Geotrax train sets and Claire is just crawling everywhere on the cushie carpet. Personally, I’m just in heaven with all the new counter space. One little glitch I have noticed is that Claire fingerprints are going to be all over my appliances until she starts walking. Oh well, we’ll deal! Come visit anytime as we now have PLENTY of space.
familyroom1.jpg 100_0655.JPG kitchen2.jpg

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Construction has started!

August 1st, 2008 No comments

Bye Bye Deck! Framing almost done
After more than a year of planning and designing, ground has finally been broken on the addition for our house. I’m excited but also frantic. They boys are absolutely in love with the Bobcat in our backyard and wave at the construction guys every day. They love the dumpster in our driveway not to mention the porta potty (uggg). However, work has started and in two weeks they have made amazing progress. Claire is such a trooper and just sleeps through it all. I’m going to keep an album of pictures in our gallery so visit it often to see the progress. Hard to believe after almost 10 years I’m going to get my new kitchen :-).!!!!!

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Life with the three pack

July 5th, 2008 No comments

100_0426.JPG claire 5 months.jpg Matthew's 5th birthday

Claire Elizabeth has just turned 6 months old…how did that happen???? She is awesome and life with three kids under the age of 6 is challenging yet rewarding. Matthew and Jay adore Claire but can be a bit over zealous with her. But, they are well meaning and we never saw any jealousy towards her. I think they crave more attention but then again, don’t we all? We have a lot of fun at Chez Guerber and trains continue to dominate our landscapes.

The next thing that is so hard to believe is that Matthew is going to start Kindergarten in about 8 weeks. I’m so thrilled for him but admittedly a little nervous as my first one heads out from the nest. I know he will do great but I’m protective – what can I say. Jay will be in preschool 4 mornings a week. Claire and I will be hanging out while the construction on our house continues. I’m sure it will be crazy. We’ll keep you posted on that progress too.

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Claire Elizabeth

January 15th, 2008 No comments

claire redhead1.jpgClaire continues to be the light of our lives. Jay and Matthew adore her and have been such great big brothers. She is a good eater and a good sleeper. We may be biased parents but we think she is absolutely gorgeous. Mom gets some sleep here and there but working night shifts at the hospital was good preparation for the night shift at home.

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Goodbye Caffrey

January 3rd, 2008 1 comment

One day after we welcomed a new addition into our family, we said goodbye to one. After a brief but difficult illness, we put Caffrey to sleep today. His illness had caused him to lose functionality in his back legs, to the point where he couldn’t stand up anymore. I had to put a towel under his hips to get him to go outside. He didn’t have much quality of life anymore, he wasn’t eating and could no longer even get up the stairs to sleep in our bedroom.

Caffrey and Amy Playing Guinness and Caffrey

Baby Claire has two new guardian angels now. Guinness and Caffrey are playing together again in doggie heaven, and will always be in our hearts and our memories the puppies they are in these pictures. Goodbye, boys.

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